The agony and ecstasy of Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Ra.One’

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: How exciting is the very thought of becoming a superhero! Well, ask Shah Rukh Khan, who is paying a heavy price for donning a skin-tight rubber suit in his upcoming flick ‘Ra.One’, which made it nearly impossible for the reigning star of Bollywood to visit the loo for twelve hours.

News has it that Shah Rukh Khan is facing hard times ever since he wore the rubberised superhero gear in Anubhav Sinha’s ‘Ra.One.’

Talking to a news daily on SRK’s predicament, a close source from the sets of ‘Ra.One’ said, “SRK is shooting for ‘Ra.One’ in Mumbai in this sultry heat. The shift usually extends to 10-12 hours everyday. The rubber suit sticks to his body and that makes the heat even more unbearable. It is such a tedious job to get in and out of the thick rubber costume — it takes almost 40 minutes — that SRK can’t even go the loo during the whole shift. But rather than complain about it, SRK laughs it off. He often jokes with the film’s cast and crew that if he can’t use the loo, he won’t allow any of them to use it either.”

Phew, being a superhero can be tough job, what say Shah Rukh?