‘The first major experiment that I`ve done is ‘Delhi Belly’’

Updated: May 27, 2011, 18:04 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: After playing romantic roles in Bollywood, Imran Khan is all set shock his fans with his naughty-boy avatar in ‘Delhi Belly’ – an adult comedy.

Talking to a daily about his sudden role reversal, an effervescent Imran said, “I think I`m cast in romantic roles partly because of the way I look, and my age. There`s certain age where you fit into those roles, you have to grow up a bit before you can do more serious roles.”

When prodded about his upcoming release and his drastic shift from the lover-boy image, Imran said, “The first major experiment that I`ve done is ‘Delhi Belly’, which is not a romantic film. Apart from that, most of my work is in the classic commercial Bollywood style.”

Speaking about his brand war with Ranbir, Imran added, “We have our brand loyalties, and we endorse rival soft drinks, but that war had started even before we were born. He does more endorsements than me, so I don`t think we intrude in each other`s space. Even in terms of films, we have our own space, and there`s a certain level of respect we have for each other. I know he`s never said anything wrong about me, and whenever there`s a doubt we talk man-to-man.”