Tiff between director Anubhav and producer SRK over ‘Ra.One’?

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Often roles of key members involved in making a mammoth project a success gets blurred in the grander scheme of things, eventually which turns into creative difference between warring parties. But rarely does one take out time to clear the air surrounding a supposed rift between them.

Quite unexpectedly, director Anubhav Sinha has come clean about rumoured divergences with actor Shah Rukh Khan with respect to his next film ‘Ra.One’. Baring his heart out Anubhav defined the bonds which a director and a producer hold and going by what he meant there doesn’t seem to be a thumb rule as such.

About constant rumours around Shah Rukh being the prime decision maker even though Anubhav is in the director`s seat, the master helmer said, "I know where you are coming from but let me settle some misconceptions here, see, the role of a producer is rather ill defined in our industry. In a typical scenario, it ends after the producer is through putting the entire setup together and made sure that a film is made at a minimum possible cost together. This is not the case with Shah Rukh and that`s what makes him a real producer."

Anubhav further said that often he was asked the wrong questions. Moreover the intention was just to make a controversy out of it. Anubhav, who was willing to share a laugh here said, "As you can see I am visibly quite happy. Shahrukh and I have enjoyed a four year long association and we know the kind of personal and professional equation that we share."

Well, now we understand it clear Anubhav!