Tilda Swinton to quit acting?

London: Actress Tilda Swinton recently hinted at quitting her movie career when she said acting was "a major mistake".

"I`m not really interested in acting. I`ve given up waiting for an epiphany of interest to strike. Acting is a red herring and a major mistake and I`m still trying to get back on track," express.co.uk quoted Swinton as saying.

"Every time I`m in a film I`m determined it`s the last I`m in then I`ll fall into a conversation with someone and we`ll cook up a new scheme. Basically it`s gone on for 20 years but I`m hoping to pull it to a close shortly.

"It`s not like I`m looking for opportunities to do things. I would like an opportunity to have a good sleep and get on with some writing," the "Chronicals of Narnia" star said.