To gurus with love - Bollywood remembers its mentors

New Delhi: They paved the way forward in an alien industry, holding hands through difficult times and inspired them towards success. For Teacher`s Day (Sep 5), Bollywood celebrities recall their gurus and inspirations, who shaped their careers.

We spoke to some B-Town residents, who recalled the men and women who inspired them and guided them through their struggles.

Katrina Kaif: (When it comes to my guru in Bollywood) there have been so many people - every member of the (Salman) Khan family, the directors whom I have worked with, Akshay (Kumar). There are so many people who have really stood by me in the beginning and always given me wonderful opportunities and chances for which I will forever be extremely grateful and appreciative.

Sushmita Sen: I have so many mentors in life as I get inspired by a lot of people - be it Mother Teresa or Madonna. I admire those people who can live life on their own... I don`t like people who follow others.

Subhash Ghai: There have been a lot of people for me like Bimal Roy, Mehboob Khan, Raj Kapoor and Guru Dutt because of their cinematic terms and narrating power in their stories which inspired me to a great extent.

Karan Johar: My guru would be myself in the film fraternity.

Manoj Bajpai: I had my teacher in Barry John. He taught me theatre and everything in life. Whatever I am doing and I am today is because of him.

Gulshan Grover: I consider Mahesh Bhatt and Umesh Mehra as my greatest teachers in Bollywood. They gave me great identities on the big screen and helped me make a mark for myself.

Nikhil Dwivedi: Shah Rukh Khan is my teacher as I have learnt a lot from him and he is a great person and institution to learn from.

Chunky Pandey: My Bollywood guru has to be Dev Anand. I share my birthday with him and I hope to be as young as he is at his age and I plan to hang around with even younger girls than Dev saab does.

Pakhi: I consider a lot of people my gurus - my mother is my guru in acting, my husband Abbas (Tyrewala) has been my teacher in writing and Sri Ravi Shankar is my guru in Art of Living. I have been lucky to get so many wonderful teachers who have made a difference to my life.

Shaan: My gurus are all the great composers from 1970s and 1980s who are still and will always be the gurus of anyone associated with music in the Hindi film industry.

Abhijeet: I have always looked to Kishore Kumar as my guru. My situation was same as Eklavya. He never got Dronacharya but walked ahead keeping him in mind and I did the same keeping Kishoreda in mind. My situation was also no different.

Siddharth Anand: Subhash Ghai, Raj Kapoor and Yash Chopra - they are the three people I look up to and their films with awe.

Rituparna Sengupta: There has been no guru for me. I am self-made and hard working. I wish I had a guru, may be my progress would have been better (in Bollywood). I am only thankful to the opportunities coming my way and expecting something better.

Swara Bhaskar: I am like Eklavya. I have no personal guru, but at a distance I would say Madhuri Dixit, Rani Mukerji and Deepak Dobriyal would actually be my real gurus in Bollywood.