Two-in-one for Vivek in `Jayantabhai Ki...`

Mumbai: Actor Vivek Oberoi says he got to relive two of his past characters - Chandu of "Company" and Aditya of "Saathiya", in one character itself in "Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story".

"(Filmmaker) Kumar Tauraniji called me and said, `There is a perfect script for you`. Vinnil Markan narrated the story. What I liked the most in `Jayantabhai Ki...` was that there is a goon similar to `Company` and a loverboy similar to (the one I played in) `Saathiya`," the 36-year-old said here Friday in an interview.

"I found this very exciting that I will get to play both shades and (so) I said yes," he added.

Vivek also spotted one similarity between his real life and his character Jayantabhai.

"I am a simple boy in real life. But one thing is similar between the character and me -
When (my wife) Priyanka tells me something to do, I can never say no to her. She also knows that I will never say no to her. It is the same is in the film - when Simran asks for something, Jayanta cannot say no," Vivek said.

"Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story", releasing Feb 15, features Neha Sharma opposite Vivek.