Vidya a demigod, her ‘Kahaani’ a blockbuster!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Grossing about Rs.3 crores on its opening day is a feat still considered difficult for movies in India. Also, you don’t have one lead character’s performance overshadowing everything else in a film. When Vidya Balan was roped in for ‘Kahaani’, the actress had probably no clue that a while down the line she would be lauded as one of the ‘heroes’ in the industry. Such is her impeccable acting, and such is her flawless dedication.

After her strong and diametrically varied roles in movies like ‘Paa’, ‘Ishqiya’, ‘No One Killed Jessica’, and more recently ‘The Dirty Picture’, Vidya Balan’s mind-blowing performance from under the guise of the pregnant Vidya Bagchi in ‘Kahaani’ has won the hearts of all. The girl who sets out in search of her husband casts a spell on everybody, and before one is aware, leads you to the peak before jolting the ground from beneath your feet. Vidya does it magnificently. She charms, she befriends children, she gulls people and she enchants her viewers. In ‘Kahaani’, Vidya makes sure that you don’t lose attention, not even for an iota of a second.

On the opening day itself, the film has been able to gather 3 crores. And the message is writ loud and clear on the faces of the viewers once they leave the theatre – they will need some time to recover from the shock that the end of the movie delivers. ‘Kahaani’ has now been declared a hit. Unanimously, from all quarters of the film fraternity. Or should we say sorority, given the fact that the hero of ‘Kahaani’ has undone many other heroes. There are no big releases next week. For a while, the success of ‘Kahaani’ looks insurmountable. Till then, Vidya reigns. Her ‘Kahaani’ doesn’t go unacknowledged.

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