Vidya`s Mohiniyattam in Malayalam film postponed

Updated: Aug 26, 2010, 15:30 PM IST

Mumbai: Vidya Balan`s plans of performing a complex Mohiniyattam dance for Santosh Sivan`s Malayalam film "Urumi" have been postponed due to her shoulder condition. The actress says she can`t dance until she is fully recovered otherwise she may have a life-long shoulder problem.

"This has happened all because of my own stubbornness," said Vidya whose gym trainer had warned her against rigorous exercises.

"But I didn`t listen to him. Now I can`t dance until I am fully recovered. I still haven`t forgotten the impact of my classical number in `Bhool Bhulaiyaa`. The one in Santosh`s film would be far more sensuous and intricate."

Vidya has a chronic shoulder condition which got aggravated after she insisted on going to the gym before it had healed completely. She has now had a relapse, leading to this excruciating pain.

"Now I`ve to wait out, I`ve no option. Otherwise I`ll have a life-long shoulder problem. I can`t wait to start rehearsing for Santosh Sivan`s dance number."

Though Vidya is a trained classical dancer, a Mohiniyattam guru has been specially hired by Sivan to teach her nuances of the dance form before she performs it for filming.

Vidya`s training was to start this week. Her spirit and her feet are willing -- but the body is too weak to take the vigorous dancing.

"I was in so much pain I couldn`t do any of the normal things, let alone dance," she said.

Speaking on the much talked-about item song, she said: "It`s more talked-about than actually performed. I was supposed to start preparing for it this week. Unfortunately I`ve been down with a painful shoulder condition for some time. And completely forbidden from doing anything strenuous."

Vidya describes it as a fusion dance.

"Since I was born in Kerala my family is so looking forward to my foray into Malayalam films. I thought a song is a very good place to start. Moreover, I totally admire Santosh Sivan`s work... who doesn`t?"