Vidya unveils ‘The Dirty Picture’ DVD

New Delhi: Bollywood bombshell Vidya Balan has released the DVD of her blockbuster film ‘The Dirty Picture’ in Mumbai.

The film, which was released in December last year is one of the highest grossing Bollywood flicks in 2011 with a total earning of 23.4 million dollars.

Directed by Milan Luthria, the film is loosely based on the south sex siren of 80’s Silk Smitha.

Speaking at the event, Vidya thanked audience for appreciating her role and making the film a success.

“To have got the opportunity to work- to play Silk and to have worked with that team was the biggest award of course there is nothing like audience appreciation and people across the world have liked this film we are all very grateful for that,” Balan said.

Film’s producer Ekta Kapoor, who was also present at the event, asserted ‘The Dirty Picture’ is the highest pirated film in the history of Indian movies.

“The Dirty Picture is the highest pirated film in the history of Hindi movies and if had not come out with the DVD now the pirates would have earned much more money that they already have done,” she stated.