Vidya’s ‘Kahaani’ forces Aamir to re-shoot ‘Talaash’

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: The ‘perfectionist’ lives up to his name. Contrary to reports that release of Aamir Khan’s much awaited ‘Talaash’ was extended because the actor wanted to first wrap up his TV project, it has now been revealed that the date push was just an eye-wash.

Apparently, Aamir Khan was not really happy with the climax of ‘Talaash’ and he has planned to re-shoot the climax all over again.

As a matter of fact, Vidya Balan’s ‘Kahaani’ seems to have played a spoiler for ‘Talaash’. Buzz has it that the basic plot of ‘Talaash’ is a bit similar to Vidya’s film, and hence, Aamir wanted to tweak the climax.

An insider revealed, “The film was almost ready for release as the shooting of the film was complete and even major post production job was done. But it’s a suspense-thriller where the plot of the film is crucial for the film’s success. So when ‘Kahaani’ released, which is also a thriller, it’s storyline seemed kind of similar to ‘Talaash’s’, which is again a story based on the search of a missing person. So, even if the film is different in terms it’s plot, Aamir apparently wants to change the climax, make it crispier and edgier.”

Further adding, the source said, “Being the perfectionist that he is, Aamir is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that his film has something new to offer to his audience. A gap between two films of the same genre is also crucial. If the release time between these films is less, it could adversely affect his film, hence the decision of postponing the film was for the best.”

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