Vishal Bhardwaj takes over `Oye Boy` choreography

Mumbai: In her long and illustrious career, this must be the first occasion when choreographer Saroj Khan`s work has been scrapped. Filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj chose to choreograph the entire song "Oye Boy Charlie" again after he felt that the moves given by Khan didn`t go well with the mood of the song.

The song features Imran Khan, Anushka Sharma, Pankaj Kapoor and Aarya Babbar. After Khan completed the choreography, Bhardwaj realised it was not what he wanted.

"Vishal has the greatest regard for Saroj Khanji. Who doesn`t? To have her choreograph the Charlie song was a dream come true for Vishal. And to her credit she did a brilliant job of it. But finally what Sarojji did with the song was not what Vishal wanted," said a source.

"The director had envisaged an air of unrehearsed spontaneity in the movements. The characters in the `Charlie` song shouldn`t look like they knew their dance steps from before. To get that spirit of on-the-spot improvisation into the choreography, Vishal had to reluctantly re-do the entire choreography of the song," the source added.

However, Imran and Anushka, both extremely busy actors, readily accommodated the second round of choreography for the song.

Apparently, there was a certain amount of all-round trepidation and misgiving about doing away with the veteran choreographer`s efforts.

"Vishal, Imran and Anushka felt sorry about dancing to the `Charlie` song again, more so since Sarojji`s choreography was, as usual, brilliant. But they all felt it wasn`t what was required," said a source.

Bhardwaj revealed that he did indeed do the choreography of the `Oye Boy Charlie` number.

"Something inside me told me I should," said Vishal.