When Sridevi moved Amitabh Bachchan to tears…

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: It might be a man’s world out there, but women are raring to give them a tough competition. Men have ruled the roost for long, but times are changing. Sridevi, the diva of the 1980s, is back in action with her film ‘English Vinglish’, where she plays a housewife, who in order to impress her husband and family, learns English.

The film and Sridevi’s impeccable performance left megastar Amitabh Bachan teary-eyed. The veteran, who has shared screen space with the actress several times, penned down his thoughts about the film.

He blogged, “A viewing of `English Vinglish` directed by Gauri Shinde, wife of R Balki tonight, leaves me with collective lumps in the throat and a surge of flushed eyes near the tear ducts.”

“And it is not all the emotion of a particular moment that puts one in such state. It is the uncontrollable effect of appreciation that prevents one from expressing any at all...," Bachchan, 69, added.

The thespian feels that even a simple story can have a huge impact on audiences. He wrote, “In our simplicity lies the true story of a lifetime. Massive explosions and devastating action sequences make you wonder in high adrenalin awe. But equally, the ordinariness of everyday life, strikes many strings that work together in sympathetic chords....Many do it with the ease of a breath taken deeply and exhaled with silent confidence. For me that was the moment in Gauri`s film tonight. It said so much in so little!!.”