Why Shah couldn`t finalise Vidya Balan for Indira biopic?

Mumbai: After finishing the research work, now US-based Indian filmmaker Krishna Shah is looking for the right face to play main lead in his biopic on late prime minister Indira Gandhi.

Titled ‘Mother: The Indira Gandhi Story’, it will be a big-budget two-part movie on the life of the Indian leader who was known as Iron Lady. Shah earlier wanted Vidya Balan to play Indira, but changed his mind after consulting Hollywood make-up artist Greg Cannom, Shah`s publicist said in a press statement here.

The filmmaker is again hunting for the right face.

"Casting is very critical for the role of India Gandhi. As it stands today, only two actresses in Bollywood are on the scanner. One is Kareena Kapoor and the other is Priyanka Chopra. Both are equally suited to play Indira Gandhi," Shah said.

"I haven`t yet met with either of the stars. I hope to meet with them soon. Now everything depends on their response, their dates and the deal. I know whoever plays the role will be an Oscar contender. She will be remembered through posterity as Indira Gandhi," he added.

The first preference for the role, however, was Madhuri Dixit, who could not accept the project due to personal grounds.

Part one will focus on Indira Gandhi`s political career till the 1971 war, and the other will show her personal life as a mother to her sons -- Rajiv, who succeeded her as the prime minister after her assassination in 1984, and Sanjay Gandhi.


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