`Gideon`s Sword` is must-read for suspense fans

London: ‘Gideon`s Sword’ by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child: The latest in a series of suspense novels from the writing team of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child is a rollicking read.

The cliffhanger ending of ‘Gideon`s Sword’ sets up what`s promised to be a series featuring new lead character Gideon Crew. And he`s a fascinating study in contradictions that would delight any good therapist. When he was 12, he watched his father gunned down by police, accused of a crime he didn`t commit. Eight years later, on her deathbed, Gideon`s mother tells him the truth about his father, and Gideon`s quest for justice — and revenge — begins.
‘Gideon`s Sword’ is more than just a spellbinding tale. It`s smart — wickedly so — and clever without a trace of arrogance. The characters are convincingly real — kind and caring, flawed and tragic. As Gideon hunts down a Chinese scientist and an apparently new weapon of mass destruction, the authors bring to life a side of New York City rarely seen — including a nail-biting standoff at a potter`s field maintained by inmates on an island in Long Island Sound.

The novel is perfectly paced and a must-read for any true fan of suspense. Its only shortcoming is that it`s all over too soon.

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