`Immortal Beloved` is fascinating

London: In the words of Oscar Wilde, "Memory ... is the diary that we all carry about with us." And when you`re immortal, that`s a lot of baggage to carry.

When Nastasya watches Tracy, her best friend and immortal, severely injure a man using "magick" powers, she decides it`s time to re-evaluate her life — and her friends. Now 449 years old, Nastasya realizes she`s on a self-destructive path and that her friends are literally draining her.

She retreats to a rehab facility for immortals in a remote Massachusetts town, where she trades in designer duds and five-star hotels to perform manual labor in a kibbutz-style community.

As Nastasya copes with her depraved indifference and irresponsible behavior, she is also able to face a family secret that she`s kept for centuries. She is scorned by Reyn, who is also in rehab to confront his own demons. Reyn thinks Nastasya`s lack of commitment will prove destructive to the group, and a scheming housemate causes trouble for Nastasya.

Immortals can perform spells that are similar to witchcraft, but these skills must be mastered. Rehab counselors help Nastasya realize her "magick" potential.

‘Immortal Beloved’ isn`t a story of teenage angst. It`s a maturely constructed story with vivid flashbacks of Nastasya`s life that explain the downside of being immortal: having to change identities and homes to avoid suspicion, and living with horrific memories of war and the pain of outliving human friends and family.

Author Cate Tiernan`s immortals aren`t vampires or shape-shifters — and they don`t have superhuman strength. They live among humans who are unaware of their condition. And unless they are beheaded, they will live forever.

Tiernan delivers a compelling and thought-provoking tale of love, loss and redemption. Readers will be able to relate to this fantasy story — especially those who have been mixed up with the wrong crowd.

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