A bookshelf on entire range of Rabindranath Tagore works

New Delhi: Now, here is a chance to possess a bookshelf with the entire range of works of and on Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

Penguin India has launched a special selection of 21 books by and on the poet, writer and philosopher and named it the Penguin Tagore Bookshelf as part of his 150th birth anniversary commemoration.

The prolific writer`s works include some 60 collections of verse, nearly a hundred short stories, several novels, plays, dance dramas, essays on religion, society and literature, and over 2,500 songs, including the national anthems of India and Bangladesh.

Tagore was awarded the Nobel for Literature in 1913. He reinvented the Bengali novel with ‘Farewell Song’ and the translation by Radha Chakravarty is considered a must - read for those who love classics.

‘Gora’, also translated by Chakravarty, is Tagore`s most ambitious work. An epic saga of India`s nationalist awakening through the eyes of a young orthodox Hindu, ‘Gora’ questions the dogmas and presuppositions inherent in nationalist thought.

‘A Grain of Sand: Chokher Bali’, translated by Sreejata Guha, is Tagore`s classic exposition of an extramarital affair that takes place within the confines of a joint family while ‘Home and the World’ (‘Ghare Baire’) is his comment on women emancipation.

‘Classic Rabindranath Tagore’ is a complete and unabridged collection of Tagore`s most popular novels in translations.

The poems of Tagore are regarded to be among the most haunting and tender in world literature and ‘Selected Poems’ include some of his best in the category. Some of the poems include translations by internationally renowned Tagore scholar and translator William Radice.

Also translated by Radice is ‘Gitanjali’, Tagore`s most famous work, in which the poet`s original structure and style is restored.
‘The Jewel That is Best: Collected Brief Poems’ comprises three volumes, ‘Particles’, ‘Jottings’ and ‘Sparks’ while another translated selection of poems ‘I Won`t Let You Go: Selected Poems’ by Ketaki Kushari Dyson captures the energy and lyricism of the legendary poet`s verses.

There is also a selection of short stories – ‘The Postmaster: Selected Stories’ and ‘Kabuliwallah’ translated by Radice and ‘He’ (‘Shey’), which Tagore wrote to satisfy the demands for stories by his nine-year-old granddaughter.

Other titles include ‘Nationalism’, based on lectures by Tagore during the First World War with an introduction by Ramachandra Guha, ‘Rabindranath Tagore’ (Words of Freedom), a selection from his speeches and writings on the nation, ‘The Nectar of Life: Quotations from Prose Writing’ and ‘My Life in My Words’, a compilation of some of his selected essays. There are also two biographies on the poet ‘Rabindranath Tagore: The Singer and His Song’ by Reba Som and ‘Women of Tagore Household’ by Chitra Deb.

There is something in store for the children too. ‘Boyhood Days’ brings to life an era long past and traces the journey of an icon from childhood to the time he takes his first steps in the world of literature. There is also ‘The Land of Cards: Stories, Poems and Plays for Children’ and ‘The Prince and Other Modern Fables’.



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