A tell-all book by Madge`s bro?

Updated: Jul 03, 2008, 11:41 AM IST

London, July 03: Madonna is said to be furious that her brother Chris Ciccione is telling all about her private life in a book out later this month.

Madonna, known to pals as “Em”, is leaving no stone unturned to determine the contents of the book, and so far her investigative work has uncovered material deeply hurtful to both her and Guy.

“The book is harsh on Em, but even more on Guy. Chris blames him for turning Madonna into a bit of a homophobe,” The Sun quoted a source, as saying.

“He is going to claim Guy calls Madonna’s gay following ‘the Bunny Posse’. He will list rude comments Guy is supposed to have made to Em’s best friend Ingrid Casares, who is also gay,” the source added.

Madonna has not spoken to her brother, a recovering alcoholic, for more than two years. She blames their crumbling relationship on his heroin addiction as well as his refusal to accept her help.

The source added: “Em hasn’t offered Chris any help for a few years. But she did hire him a while ago to do some work on her New York apartment.”

“He received a very, very healthy pay cheque — and they didn’t even speak directly. Their only dialogue was through Madonna’s art buyer.

“Chris did a bit of work but after a while took the money and ran, leaving the work unfinished,” the source said.