Author keeps the thrills coming in ‘Immortalists’

London: Author Kyle Mills examines the greed associated with powerful people demanding to live forever in his new novel, ‘The Immortalists.’

Microbiologist Richard Draman needs to find a cure for progeria, a rare genetic disorder, especially of early childhood, characterized by premature aging. His daughter has progeria, and he must find a way to save her.

The husband of another scientist approaches Draman with a horrifying tale. He claims that his wife was murdered because she was close to a discovery that might stop the aging of cells.

Draman cannot pass up the opportunity to cure his daughter and discover the key to immortality. He takes the data to review. Soon after, the other scientist dies in a car crash, and Draman is accused of industrial espionage.

The elusive cure might exist, but Draman and his family need to survive to find it.

Mills keeps the thrills coming while minimizing the medical terminology. He knows readers need just enough to become invested in the story. Great characters and vile villains mixed with a great premise — what else does a thriller need?

Bureau Report


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