Author making big bucks with bestseller recounting angel experience

Washington: An author, who sees and talks to angels, is making millions with her best-selling book that recounts her experience with the so-called messengers from God.

Lorna Byrne claims that everyone has one guardian angel who is always with you and will never leave you.

She says they are “the gatekeepers of your soul.”

And she believes in them, because, all her life she`s been surrounded by them and has talked to them, she said.

Her book, ‘Angels in My Hair’, recounts her lifelong experiences with angels directing her and teaching her.

While many would not believe her angel accounts, but the popularity of her book illustrates the fascination people have with these mystical beings.

Her tome is an international bestseller, translated into 20 languages.

Doubleday reportedly paid a six-figure advance for the US publishing rights.

And Byrne—the diminutive, mild-mannered 57-year old, who grew up dyslexic—has said that it is a miracle that she has even written a book.

She said it was a directive from an angel she calls Michael, who she says is the archangel talked about in the Bible.

“When I was a child, the angels said I would write a book and tell people about God. After I had my first child, the angel Michael came up behind me and said, ‘It’s now time to write that book,``” Fox News quoted Byrne as saying.

She believes that she was told to write in order to give people hope that there is life beyond this material world and that we don’t just die and rot, but have an eternal soul.



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