B`wood director picks new author`s book

New Delhi: A tale of horror with a dash of science set across three countries by a first-time author has caught the fancy of actor-director Satish Kaushik, who plans to adapt it into a film including international starcast.

Kaushik, has acquired rights to three books of Delhi- based author Shantanu Dhar who explores a world where humans cohabit with predatory vampires.

"I was absolutely taken up with the plot of Shantanu`s book and immediately bought its film rights. I think this genre of horror thriller is relatively new here and am looking forward to make the film," Kaushik told reporters.

The 2010 Commonwealth Games also features in Dhar`s book "The Company Red" which situates the story a year before the Games begin and ends a year after the sporting event culminates.

"My book is properly researched with inputs from various medical doctors. It is situated in a world where acts of predation is the basic theme. It delves into the life of a vampire exploring genetic abnormalities and how they cope with it," says Dhar.

The author who has previously been a student of English Literature is fond of Greek literature and gothic novels and had well in his past during his stay in the US brought out a comic strip lampooning politicians, says there was no particular inspiration for his book.

"It was really Satishji who pushed me to write the book after he read the plot. He thinks the story has the potential to become a success as India does not have too many films in this genre," says Dhar.

Kaushik who has directed "Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain," Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai and Salman Khan starrer "Tere Naam" says he might also act in the film.

"Shantanu wants me essay the role of the father of the protagonist. I actually want to give the book to friends in the film fraternity and cant wait to see their reactions. I am sure they will be quite taken up with the storyline," says Kaushik.

"You have to wait and see which particular producer or big corporation will take it up. I have a few names, including international actors in my mind but it is too soon to say," says the director.

While franchises like Twilight saga based on four novels by Stephaine Meyer that is based on vampire romance and others have been made into films there are next to none film adaptations in India, according to Dhar and Kaushik.

"Both Satishji and I do not favour gore and violence. So the book and the forthcoming film will steer clear of that. It is going to appeal to readers of all age groups," says the author who works with a leading corporate house and flits between cities in the country as part of his job.

"I write anywhere and everywhere especially on long flights and in airports. All my writing is done in a structured manner and have leaned on my 18-years of experience in the corporate world to create my characters," says the author.

Set as a trilogy, the book sets the basis for a young fatherless middle class Bengali boy who while trying to deal with various failures is thrown into a high flying corporate life that has a sinister edge to it.

"It is the drama of a young boy who is well-read ambitious to do good and raring to go in life but somewhere he
gets involved in a situation where he is denied the rights of a human being," Kaushik told reporters.

Dhar says, "In India there is no genre of a horror thriller wanted to write something in this genre but not a supernatural one. It tries to explore acts of predation and how man and other creatures in the world coexist."

The trilogy traces a period over 25 years. The second book in the series "Code Red" begins in London while the third "Red" is set in the Colarado forests.

"The basic structure and outline for the books are ready," says the author.

"I did not think of any format while writing. The book written in a visual manner and a separate script will be made for the movie," says Dhar who will not be writing the film script.



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