Big B launches journalist Priyanka Jha`s `Supertraits of Superstars` book

New Delhi: Amitabh Bachchan recently launched journalist Priyanka Sinha Jha `s debut book ` Supertraits of Superstars` in Mumbai.

The 71-year-old actor thanked Jha for writing good things about him in the book.

"I feel a bit odd, coming here to inaugurate a book that has been written on the better qualities of film actors. Most of the time we are on the other end receiving all the big bats rather than the bouquets. But I must admit that this is perhaps the very first of its kind and I am very glad and humbled that Priyanka feels that I am some kind of an inspiration for her," he said.

Bachchan asserted that he doubts many of the journalists would agree to the fact that actors are their inspiration but he is deeply humbled by the assessments that Jha has made.

The `Sholay` star said that now everyone has to go and live up to the good things Jha has written in her book.

"And now that she has launched this book which talks about all the good traits of people that work in the industry, it has become a little difficult for us because we all have to go and live up to what she has written and the book is just full of so many compliments and so many nice adjectives and words and expressions that it`s really quite embarrassing at times to find so many nice things said about you but I guess we all have our good times and bad times and perhaps this is one of those good moments when they are good times," he added.

The book focuses on 11 superstars of Bollywood and their single defining super trait that makes them the best in the showbiz.