Biography, Middle-East & Kalam on book shelf

New Delhi: The book cart this week is rejuvenating and serious. Flip through to know what’s new to add to your book shelf.

1. Book: ‘Nani A. Palkiwala: A Life’; Written by M.V. Kamath; Published by Hay House; Priced at Rs.499

The book is an account of one of India`s finest political orator, who was known for his budget speeches, piercing analysis of the tax structure and his knowledge of the nation`s economy. He was a defender of the Constitution, a champion of civil liberties and a legendary lawyer. The writer has synthesized the various aspects of his personality to deliver a definitive biography of an intellectual, who fought great odds to rise through the ranks.

2. Book: ‘Revolution 20: The Power of the People is Greater Than The People in Power’; Written by Wael Ghonim; Published by Harper Collins; Priced at Rs.599

The revolution that swept the Middle East in 2011 surprised and captivated the world. Brutal regimes that had been in power for decades were overturned by an irrepressible mass of freedom seekers. In Egypt, a Facebook page managed by the author became the unlikely gathering place for a nascent protest movement. Speaking with the voice of 350,000 members, the Facebook page would broadcast the first call for Jan 25 uprising against injustice, corruption and torture. The youth of the Egypt answered and made history.

3. Book: ‘Kitnay Admi Thay: Completely Useless Bollywood Trivia’; Written by Diptakirti Chaudhuri; Published by Westland; Priced at Rs.275

What was the name of the film they were shooting in ‘Rangeela’? What was the Amul hoarding when ‘Shahenshah’ was released? Who has the longest winning streak in the Filmfare award? Did Johnny Walker get his name from the whiskey or was it the other way round? Who will star in ‘Bajirao Mastani’ when it is finally made? Packed with 50 lists and more than 500 entries, it is a theatre of useless Bollywood information that keeps conversations in parties intelligently alive.

4. Book: ‘Turning Points: A Journey Through Challenges’; Written by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam; Written by Harper Collins India; Priced at Rs.199

‘Turning Points...’ takes up the incredible Kalam story from where ‘Wings of Fire’ left off. It brings together details from his career and presidency that are not generally known as he speaks out for the first time on certain points of controversy. It offers insight not only into an extraordinary personality but also a vision of how a country with great heritage can become great in accomplishment, skills, abilities, through efforts perseverance and confidence.

5. Book: ‘Miss Moorthy Investigates’; Written by Ovidia Yu; Published by Westland Ltd; Priced at Rs.195

Safe 1970s Singapore is terrorized by ‘The Strangler’, a bizarre killer who targets single successful career women and removes the hand of the victims. Miss Moorthy feels safe as a secondary school teacher that is until her colleague Evelyn Ngui is murdered and her free-spirited flat mate Connie encounters the murderer in the apartment. Now sensible Ms. Moorthy must pin down the killer - or more than one. She handles her school, students, parents and stuffed rabbit as she sniffs out the trail of the killers.



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