Brand reveals all about affair with Kate

Melbourne: In his new book Russell Brand has spilled the details about his hookup with Kate Moss in 2006 which eventually ended up making him a star.

The wild-haired actor revealed in his new book ‘Booky Wook 2’, that he hooked up with the waifish catwalk queen after a mutual friend said Moss liked his jokes. The pair wound up traipsing through London and eventually shared a kiss at their friend’s house.

"Ludicrously I say to her, ``Do you want to come back to mine . . . Kate Moss?``"

The wild-haired actor, who had a legendary reputation as a ladies man before settling down with pop star Katy Perry - finally managed to get the UK supermodel back to his modest London apartment - and spills the details in his new book.

"Her hair fans over the pillow like a peacock’s tail," a website quoted him as writing.

"Kate Moss is indeed in the bed, and for a minute I feel like I’ve murdered her. ``Oh my God, what have I done?`` I get up and back away like a butler on the first day with the Queen, not daring to turn from her for a moment."

Brand left her lying in bed asleep to go to work on his radio show. When he came home, Moss had made the bed. Brand decided he was in love.

The next day, pictures of the couple together were splashed in the papers, making Brand a favourite of the London tabloids - though the couple would never date again.

In the book, Brand admitted that he screwed up the way he handled the aftermath.