Business and spirituality on the bookshelf

With the economic downturn, books on resolving financial problems and finding solace through spirituality have stacked up on the book cart:

1. Book: The Undercover Economist Strikes Back; Author: Tim Harford; Publisher: Little Brown; Price: Rs. 599

Will we be richer or poorer in 10 years` time? Is the economy running out of control? Questions like these are now haunting everyone. This book turns to microeconomics to help understand the complexities of major economies. With a word of advice now and then, the book gives you a better understanding about how the world works.

2. Book: Seven Secrets of Confidence; Author: Steve Miller; Publisher: Headline; Price: Rs. 299

Positive thinking helps a person to succeed. It is important to have confidence in work, public speaking, social situations, achieving success in examinations - there are ways of reaching your goals and Miller`s seven valuable insights will squeeze the stress out of your life.

3. Book: The Mantram Handbook; Author: Eknath Easwaran; Publisher: Jaico; Price: Rs. 250

The mantram, or mantra, is a short, powerful spiritual formula from the world`s great traditions, repeated silently in the mind, any time, anywhere. Use this book when you are ill or anxious, tired or restless - and the mantram will guide and comfort you like a true friend.

4. Book: The CEO Code; Written by David Rohlander; Published by Jaico; Price: Rs. 250

This book shares real-life stories of success and failure from the author`s personal journey and the role of mentor and coach. It provides practical advice for dealing with people, proven strategies to increase business profits and growth, unique and simple solutions to complex problems and the secret to authentic communication.