Charles Frazier releasing new novel

New York: ‘Cold Mountain’ novelist Charles Frazier is releasing a new book.

The Random House Publishing Group said Tuesday that ‘Nightwoods’ will be released in October. The novel takes place in rural North Carolina in the 1950s and tells of a young woman who cares for her murdered sister`s twins.

‘Cold Mountain,’ Frazier`s debut work about a Civil War soldier`s return home, sold more than 2 million copies and won the National Book Award in 1997.

Afterward, the North Carolina native made news by leaving his publisher, Grove/Atlantic, to accept an USD 8 million deal with Random House. His second novel, ‘Thirteen Moons,’ came out in 2006. Random House says it has sold about 500,000 copies.

‘Cold Mountain’ was made into a 2003 movie starring Jude Law, Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellweger.

Bureau Report