Cheryl ignores love rat Ashley in autobiography

London: Actress Cheryl Cole has made no mention of cheating former hubby Ashley Cole or of their divorce in her 253 page-autobiography, ‘Through My Eyes’.

Instead, Cheryl writes about her new men - and Derek Hough - and even claims she`s had "the best times of my life" in the past two years.

Geordie Cheryl, 27, describes Black Eyed Peas star, her producer, as "passionate to the core".

"He`s the best... he`s a sweetheart," the Sun quoted her as saying about Derek Hough.

And while there is no pictures of serial cheat Ashley, 29, there are several of her with the other two fellas.

In her book, Cheryl also reveals she wants to spend more time in the US when she`s moved out the Surrey home she and Ashley shared.

"I`ve spent a bit of time in LA over the last couple of years... I love it that the sun shines all the time," she wrote.