Chetan Bhagat launches his Book 3

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai, May 08: Chetan Bhagat, the author of two blockbuster novels – Five Point Someone (2004) and One Night @ the call center (2005) is ready to take on the literary world with his third book ‘The Three Mistakes of My Life’.

The book is to be released at Phoenix Mills Compound, Lower Parel in Mumbai at 7.00 pm. Surprisingly, the book is very low priced at Rs 95.

This dark, witty tale about modern India revolves around a young boy in Ahmedabad called Govind, who dreams of having a business. To accommodate his friends, Ish and Omi`s passion, he opens a cricket shop.

However, nothing comes easy in a turbulent city. To realize their goals, they will have to face it all – religious politics, earthquakes, riots, unacceptable love and above all, their own mistakes. Will they make it? Can an individual`s dreams overcome the nightmares offered by real life? Can we succeed despite a few mistakes? The novel answers all the questions.

Apart from writing novels, Chetan has frequently contributed articles and stories to local publications and newspapers. Through his first novel, ‘Five-point Someone’, which came out in May 2004, he attempted to provide an insider`s view of the most famous colleges of India. ‘Five-point Someone’ has continued to top the Indian bestseller lists ever since.

`One night @ the call center`, Chetan’s second novel was a bestseller in 2005. The theme is all about frustrated office romance, intertwined with a critique of a nation climbing to prosperity by answering phone calls from American consumers. He is also the scriptwriter for `Hello`, a Bollywood movie based on the novel.

In March 2008, the New York Times hailed Chetan Bhagat as the “biggest selling English author in India’s history”.