Dannii Minogue reveals pain of living in sis Kylie`s shadow in tell-all

London: Television beauty Dannii Minogue has revealed the pain of being constantly compared to her famous sister Kylie in a new book.

The `X Factor` judge has said in her autobiography `My Story` how her lowest point came when her marriage ended and her record label dumped her.

"I was struggling with the stark realisation that nobody wanted me - not my record company, not my husband and definitely not the public," News of the World quoted her as writing.

"I tried not to get too `woe is me` about it but as the weeks went on the only time I saw my name in print or heard it mentioned on TV or radio was as the less successful Minogue sister.

"Things like, Dannii`s bitter jealousy over Kylie`s continued success, Dannii`s fashion faux pas and Kylie`s triumphs. Hey, isn`t Kylie bloody fabulous, everyone? And isn`t Dannii tragic?

"I can tell you, it`s not easy to be publicly pitted against someone you love and admire. It hurts," she said.

She continued: "The truth of the matter is I never felt like I was competing with my sister.

"Although I got very tired of the constant comparisons, and doing interview after interview in which I`d be asked more questions about her than about myself, it wasn`t because I hated her and felt jealousy towards her.

"It was the opposite. The truth is I am and always have been so very proud of Kylie, and she is of me."



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