Dannii Minogue shares her ‘X Factor’ horror stories in tell-all

London: ‘X Factor’ judge Dannii Minogue, who is set to return to the show after a hiatus, has revealed the bust-ups she had with other judges on the show in a book.

Her devastating lows on the smash-hit show have been revealed in her new autobiography ‘My Story.’

"What could have been a dream job was at times a complete nightmare,” News of the World quoted the 38-year-old as saying.

In her book, Dannii has revealed ‘dirty’ arguments with Sharon Osbourne, a former co-judge.

"I told her: ``Sharon, I`ve never said anything bad about you, and I wouldn``t say anything bad about you.``

"But she didn`t seem interested. ``I don``t need this!`` she squeaked. ``I``m a mother, for f***``s sake, do you think I need all this s*** in my life?`` she wrote.

In the book, the pop singer has also praised her make-up girl for being supportive.

She wrote: "My fabulous make-up girl Karen took charge and cleared the room. Then she sat me back in the chair and turned me around to face her. ``Right, Dannii,`` she said.

``You`ve got to go on in five minutes. Whatever happened just then was bulls***, so you`re not going to let someone who isn``t making any sense ruin your big night, right?``



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