Delhi hosts its first non-fiction festival

New Delhi: Noted personalities and authors from all walks of life gathered today in the national capital to celebrate Delhi`s first festival dedicated only to non-fiction literary work.

The two-day festival saw book launches, authors` reading sessions and panel discussions on subjects ranging from politics, business, internal security, foreign policy to media, corruption and ethics among others.

Former Chief of Army Staff Gen Ved Prakash Malik, who participated in the festival, shared his view on non-fiction account coming out of the military department.

"Soldiers have been writing accounts of their lives during the war right from colonial days. Post-independence accounts will also come out slowly. But I hope with my current book people will be able to get an idea of the process that goes in military decision-making," Malik said.

His new book "India`s Military Conflicts and Diplomacy: An Inside View of Decision-Making", recently released in the capital, talks about the various operations -- Operations Pawan, Cactus and Shakti among others--and is dedicated "To the Indian soldier remembered in war and forgotten in peace".
The festival began with a panel discussion on `India: The Future is Now` where experts shared their views on social media and the role of middle class in deciding the destiny of the country.
Talking of significance of non-fiction, Kiran Karnik, member in the Prime Minister`s Scientific Advisory Council, called India "a country of CPM -- Cricket, Politics and Movies" and emphasised technology`s role in reshaping its future.