Dying Goody prepares sons with book

Los Angeles, Feb 26: Terminally ill reality TV star Jade Goody is preparing her two sons for her inevitable death by reading them from a children`s book that revolves around the theme of death.

The book "Badger`s Parting Gifts" tells the story of a group of friends who learn the lesson of life from the death of their pet, a wise old badger.

The tale sees the dying old badger leave his friends a poignant farewell note, as well as the memory of how he touched their lives.

The book was given to Gooody by hospital staff so that she could explain the phenomenon of death to her two young sons -- five-year-old Bobby-Jack and four-year-old Freddy.

"It explains about heaven and where people go. I have been reading that to them. But I think my boys know now that I`m dying. Yeah, I think they do now," said the former `Big Brother` star during an interview with OK magazine.

Goody is now preparing to christen her two children so that she could stay in touch with them even after her death. She plans to say a heart-rending final goodbye to Bobby-Jack and Freddy before sending them away with their father Jeff Brazier so they do not see her last days.

"Doctors will know when it`s time and they will tell me when it`s right for me to say goodbye to them. Then they will be with their dad. It`ll be so hard to do it, knowing I will never see them again. But I want them to see me before I get really poorly," said the actress who only has a few months to
live, as her cervical cancer has spread to her vital organs.

The controversial star who recently married her on and off boyfriend Jack Tweed in a lavish ceremony said that she is not afraid of dying and is "ready to go to heaven" after fulfilling a lifelong dream with her fairytale wedding.

Despite the festivities, an ambulance remained on standby at the venue and a nurse was close by on her wedding night to administer painkillers when she needed them. Her composure in the face of death is in stark contrast to her despair when doctors first broke the news of her incurable illness to her and she had asked them to help her kill herself as quickly as possible.

The ailing star confessed she had "wanted to give up" and added, "I said to my doctors, `I just want to go now. Just give me an injection or a tablet. Just let me go and let my kids get on with their lives`."

Meanwhile, Gooody has been voted the world`s third most respected person for her courage in her battle, in a online poll which was topped by Barack Obama.

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