Enid Blyton is Hurley’s biggest influence

London: It seems Elizabeth Hurley can’t do without Enid Blyton’s books.

She may seem the kind of girl who would prefer a Mr Darcy type but Hurley has revealed she has long preferred tucking up with ‘Noddy’ and ‘Big Ears’.

The English beauty insists that her biggest literary influence is none other than the late children’s author Enid Blyton.

Liz, 45, even admits to reading Blyton’s work all these years on, having turned her eight-year-old son Damian into a fan.

The author has long had her critics, highlighting the politically incorrect nature of her work.

“Some parents were sniffy about Enid Blyton – luckily mine weren’t. I credit her with instilling a great love of reading into me and my siblings,” the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

Having recently arrived in India Liz added on Twitter: “Managed to leave my book on the plane but can’t sleep without reading – thoroughly enjoying my son’s Famous Five book.”