Erotica, healing, Ruskin Bond on book cart

New Delhi: The book case this weekend is packed with action and gripping titles.

1. "The Appeasement of Radhika: Radhika Santawanam"; Written by Muddupalani, translated by Sandhya Mulchandani; Published by Penguin-India; Priced at Rs.299

"Last night, I dreamt of Hari with that melodious-voiced woman; He seemed impatient with me, And now even; The song of the nightingale seems shrill."

An erotic narrative poem that explores desire and jealousy, love experienced and love lost, Radhika Santawanam is the most recognised work of 19th century poet and courtesan Muddupalani. It was banned by the British in 1910 when it was published again, a century and a half later, with critics panning its graphic descriptions of lovemaking. And, after another 100 years, this epic is now available in its entirety for the first time in English, translated from Telugu.

Muddupalani was an accomplished dancer well versed in all aspects of sringara rasa. She was a multi-linguist, writing in Sanskrit, Tamil and Telugu and wrote under the tutelage of King Pratapsimha, who invited her to his court and showered her with gifts.

2. "The Journey"; Written by Brandon Bays; Published by Harper Collins; Priced at Rs.195

The book was born of Brandon Bays` extraordinary experience of healing from a football-sized tumour, without drugs or surgery, in six weeks. Forced to go beyond the limits of known alternative therapies - she had been working in mind and body healing for two decades - she was catapulted into a remarkable, soul searching and ultimately ground-breaking healing journey.

She pioneered a remarkable healing technique that guides us directly to the root cause of a longstanding difficulty - emotional or physical - and then gives us the tools to resolve it.

At the most sophisticated nexus of mind-body healing today, "The Journey" offers a simple imaginative process that is a revolutionary way to actually access memories held in specific parts of the body, bringing the latest findings of energy medicine into a fast, effective technique that anyone from a child to a CEO can use. The book makes Bay`s techniques available to a wider public for the first time.

3. "The Perfect World: A Journey to Infinite Possibilities"; Written by Priya Kumar; Published by Embassy Books; Priced at Rs.275

The book is a journey by motivational speaker Priya Kumar into the inner depths of our souls to reclaim hidden powers, which lie dormant through our lifetime, till we decide to switch them on. The author takes us to the dream world Zedius where "there is too much perfection. Everything is right. And you know how devastating that can be? It`s like sleeping with the enemy".

Niki Sanders is living a life less ordinary with a baggage of thoughts as she squanders at achieving brilliance, equally on the professional and individual facade with a challenging relationship besides nerve-racking vocation. She decides to break free and not just from herself and the material world, but to an alien planet which needs to be saved from too much of perfection!

4. "The Impulse Economy"; Written by Gary Schwartz; Published by Simon & Schuster; Priced at Rs.699

From a pioneer in mobile technology and marketing, a guide to navigating and harnessing the mobile economy to drive and increase impulse shopping habits among buyers everywhere, the book is both a business book and a look at how technology shapes our buying habits, and in turn, our economy as a whole.

Business leaders can come to this book to learn how to harness more consumers and buyers can learn how their actions are changing our retail economy.

5. "The Kashmiri Storyteller"; Written by Ruskin Bond; Published by Penguin India; Priced at Rs.250

When Kamal and his friends gather at Javed Khan`s Kashmiri shop at Landour bazaar, he enthralls them with his stories of princes and kings, fairies and magical animals, supermen and cunning traders.

Come, sit around the fire with Kamal, Shashi, Anil, Madhu and Vijay while they listen to Khan`s stories of the monkey bride, the man who got swallowed by a mosquito, the bent-up double beggar who angered a ghost, and many other tales from Kashmir and beyond.

In this brilliantly illustrated collection, Ruskin Bond brings alive unforgettable folktales from the misty hills of Kashmir that will delight and enchant his followers - both young and old.



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