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Fans divided over Archie`s choice of Veronica

New York, May 29: Archie Andrews, the redhead hero from Riverdale, has ditched a loyal and kind Betty to marry rich but spoilt Veronica, breaking the hearts of millions of plain Janes, who identified with the blond`s character.

Archie Comic Publications decided to end the comic world`s longest-running love triangle by announcing that the flighty hero will marry strong headed vixen Veronica Lodge.

"Archie proposes to Veronica! a story that will rock the world of everyone in Riverdale and be sure to keep people talking for months on end!," the publication ran an article on its official page on Wednesday.

The upcoming series will have the title "Archie Marries Veronica Part 1: The Proposal".

"Acclaimed superhero movie producer Michael Uslan will write this very special tale, rendered by legendary Archie Comics artist Stan Goldberg! The Archie story of the century begins here... don`t miss it!," the announcement read.

The wedding will take place after the gang graduates college and venture out into the working world this August.

While many hail it as a pragmatic choice on Archie`s part given the economic recession, the announcement has left millions of Betty`s fans fuming, who believe that the poor girl has been ditched yet again for a rich woman.

Interestingly, some fans are also rooting for Jughead, as they want Archie to have a `happily ever after` ending with his best friend.

But some fans still favour a cliffhanger end to the famous romantic triangle.

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