Fleming `nicked` Bond`s name from ornith

London, Dec 03: British super spy James Bond creator Ian Fleming "nicked" the name of his famous fictional spy from an American ornithologist.

The book that will prove it is the 44-year-old copy of Fleming`s 1964 novel “You Only Live Twice”, reports mirror.co.uk.

A first-edition printed in Britain is expected to fetch £50,000 at an auction in Hollywood Dec 11.

"To the real James Bond from the thief of his identity. Ian Fleming, Feb 5, 1964 (a great day)," Fleming had written inside the front cover of the book.

Fleming read a copy of “Birds of the West Indies” by James Bond and decided to use the name for his hero in his first novel “Casino Royale”.

The auction lot, described as "the finest collection of Ian Fleming James Bond material ever to reach the market", will also feature signed first editions and a rare signed portrait of Fleming by Noel Coward.