Gore Vidal biography in the works

New York: A biography about late playwright Gore Vidal is set to be released in 2015.

The legendary author and playwright passed away at his Los Angeles home on July 31 after suffering complications from pneumonia, aged 86, and now his legacy will forever live on in an upcoming novel about his life, reported The New York Times.

The book will be released through publishing house Doubleday and penned by Vidal`s longtime friend Jay Parini, who met the literary icon in Italy over 30 years ago.

"They hit it off quite well and Jay had been talking to Gore for all that time, usually weekly and sometimes daily, in person or more often over the phone, so he knows a lot about Gore that he`s heard directly from the source, and that`s certainly one of the major things that`s going to inform the biography, this intimate acquaintance that they had," said Gerald Howard, VP, Doubleday.