Harry Potter author Rowling writes adult book

London: Harry Potter writer JK Rowling wrote her first adult novel ‘The Casual Vacancy’ simply because she "wanted to", and where she shows herself proficient "at tossing out the F-word".

The book is aimed specifically at an older audience and includes adult themes and swear words, BBC reported Wednesday. ‘The Casual Vacancy’ will be released Thursday.

"I hope that we`ve made it really clear that this isn`t a book for children," she was quoted as saying.

The novel is centered on the death of Barry Fairbrother, whose unexpected passing shocks the villagers of Pagford.

The nydailynews.com said Rowling shows herself proficient "at tossing out the F-word".

A long passage is devoted to an exploration of online porn by two teenage boys, and what the teenagers see "is described in extremely graphic terms".

"Most of the language she uses to describe the naughty surfing is so dirty that we can`t repeat it in a family newspaper," the website said.

Publishers Little, Brown & Co said describes the tale as "blackly comic, thought-provoking and constantly surprising".

Rowling added: "When I did start writing it I was aware that I was doing a contemporary version of what I love, which is a big, fat 19th Century novel set in a small community."

"So to an extent - swear words notwithstanding - that is what `The Casual Vacancy` is. It is a parochial - literally - novel that`s looking at slicing through a society with everything that that implies. That`s what I wanted to do," she said.

The nydailynews.com said: "There`s been a titillation factor, too, as Rowling, who guarded the students` chastity at Hogwarts, finally gets to write dirty."

"Besides the porn surfing, there is also a tragic rape, an indication of how determined Rowling is to handle the tough stuff these days," it said.