Harry Potter readers develop `good attitude` towards LGBT

London: A new study has claimed that reading ` Harry Potter` book s can help children accept LGBT people and out-groups.

According to the researchers, the young reader`s emotionally "identify" with JK Rowling`s magic boy, Harry`s character, which helps them grow a better attitude towards stigmatised groups, suggest reports.

Rowling`s fantasy series contains characters and words like `mudbloods`, who are looked down upon and `goblins` or `house elves`, who are treated as worthless beings.

The author had even declared back in 2007 that she had always imagined the character of Dumbledore as gay, and had previously said that with this story, she had intended to "oppose a hierarchy, bigotry, and this notion of purity".

The study is published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology.


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