Henry Kissinger`s `On China` the new bestseller

New Delhi: Former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger`s `On China` occupies the top slot in the non-fiction section this week while Jeffrey Archer`s `Only Time Will Tell` continues to rule the fiction set in the bestseller list.


1. `On China`
Author: Henry Kissinger
Publisher: Allen Lane
Price: Rs.899

2. `Does the Elephant Dance`
Author: David Malone
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Price: Rs.695

3. `India a Portrait`
Author: Patrick French
Publisher: Penguin Books
Price: Rs.699

4. `Poor Economies`
Author: Abhijit V. Banerjee/Esther Duflo
Publisher: Random House
Price: Rs.499

5. `The Emperor of All Maladies`
Author: Siddhartha Mukherjee
Publisher: Fourth Estate
Price: Rs.499

6. `How to Change the World - Tales of Marx and Marxism`
Author: Eric Hobsbawm
Publisher: Hachette
Price: Rs.795

7. `Deadly Embrace`
Author: Bruce Riedel
Publisher: Harper Collins
Price: Rs.499

8.`Great Soul: Mahatama Gandhi and Struggle with India`
Author: Joseph Lelyveld
Publisher: Harper Collins
Price: Rs.699

9. `Walking with the Comrades`
Author: Arundhati Roy
Publisher: Penguin
Price: Rs.150

10. `Triumph of the City`
Author: Edward Glaeser
Publisher: Macmillan
Price: Rs.615


1. `Only Time Will Tell`
Author: Jeffrey Archer
Publisher: PAN
Price: Rs.325

2. `Those in Peril`
Author: Wilbur Smith
Publisher: Pan
Price : Rs.325

3. `Empire of the Mughals: Ruler of the World`
Author: Alex Rutherford
Publisher: Headline
Price: Rs.495

4.`The Sixth Man`
Author: David Baldacci
Publisher: Pan-Mac
Price: Rs.499

5. `The Immortals of Meluha`
Author: Amish
Publisher: Westland
Price: Rs.199

6. `The Folded earth`
Author: Anuradha Roy
Publisher: Hachette
Price: Rs.495

7. `Chanakya`s Chant`
Author: Ashwin Sanghi
Publisher: Westland
Price: Rs.195

8. `The Wandering Falcon`
Author: Jamil Ahmad
Publisher: Penguin
Price: Rs.399

9. `Toys`
Author: James Patterson
Publisher: Century
Price: Rs.550

10. `Silent Monument`
Author:: Shobha Nihalani
Publisher: Tara
Price: Rs.250



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