How Ted wooed Fonda: Autobiography

Updated: Nov 11, 2008, 19:27 PM IST

New York, Nov 11: Media mogul Ted Turner has spilled the beans in his new autobiography on how he was able to woo ex-wife Jane Fonda.

“Call Me Ted” has ex-president Jimmy Carter recalling Turner’s on-the-spot decision to date the actress after reading she was divorcing second hubby Tom Hayden.

“Ted said to me, ‘I think I`m going to call that woman up and ask her for a date,’” the New York Daily News quoted him as writing.

The founder of the cable television network CNN was then soon on the phone with Fonda who though was ‘flattered’ had asked the philanthropist to wait for six months before she was ready to date again.

The billionaire, who had made a note in his calendar to call the former fashion model again, writes: ‘I called her again. I said, ``Hi, it`s Ted Turner. The six months are up.`

The Academy Award-winner, who was impressed with Turner’s perseverance, went out to dinner with him where he showed off his ‘research’ on Fonda’s background, pointing out the fact that they both had parents who had committed suicide.

Though Turner, who was married to the fitness guru for 10 years, admitted he has always been “better in business and sailing than I was in marriage,” he added: “I loved Jane very much and still love her to this day.