I’m working on a book: Arundhati Roy

Delhi: Arundhati Roy, who 15 years ago stormed the literary world with her Booker Prize-winning book `God of Small Things`, has announced she is working on a new book.

Speaking at the Sharjah International Book Fair, Roy announced that she was writing a second book, but stopped short of revealing more details.

On the experience of writing `God of Small Things`, Roy said: "The book took me over and even if I had wanted to escape from it, I couldn`t."

Roy, who won the 1997 Man Booker Prize for fiction, said, when she writes essays, she feels a part of the people of India.

"Writing is in my DNA. When you write you must be accurate about the detail, space and place. I think fishermen must make good writers they spend so much time keeping quiet and plotting against the fish," she told a packed audience that included Consul General of India in Dubai Sanjay Verma.

"Fiction is lonely business and writing a book is like being in jail," she said.

Asked about how she decided to be a writer, 50-year-old Roy said: "I have never been particularly ambitious. I am not a careerist, I am not trying to get anywhere in a career. It is more important to engage with society, to live it, to have different experiences."

Roy further said that if given the chance, she would not rewrite her famous novel.

"I don`t have the urge to rewrite. Not because I think it is perfect but I am not the type to keep changing something when it is finished."