Indian envoy`s book seeks to unravel mysteries of life

Updated: Sep 25, 2013, 08:43 AM IST

New Delhi: How does one fathom time, does time exist beyond the grasp of the senses and the need of consciousness to be able to create anything - these philosophical questions are sought to be answered in a new book by an Indian diplomat.

The book, ‘Unravelling Mysteries of Life - Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom’, written by High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago Gauri Shankar Gupta, was launched at an event at the India International Centre Tuesday evening.

Addressing the event, Gupta said he has sought to find answers to the concept of time and consciousness in his book. "The sense organs can`t grasp time. How does it exist beyond the grasp of the senses," he said.

Gupta, who was earlier India`s envoy to Hungary, said in order to create anything one needs consciousness "which is the fundamental principle of life". "The consciousness that creates the universe exists in us," he added.

Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) president Karan Singh, who launched the book, said humanity "is at the cross roads with the growth of science and technology", which, he said, has "generated the capacity for destruction and creation".

He said Gupta has "attempted a formidable task" with seeking to unravel the mysteries of life. The event was attended by several senior diplomats.

The book has been published by Star Publications.


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