India’s first comic convention to be held in February

Updated: Jan 17, 2011, 13:18 PM IST

London: India is set to hold its very own comic convention this February.
The convention, to be held in New Delhi, will seek to bring comics fans, creators and publishers together.

"Comics is big business in India right now and we felt this was the perfect moment to host our own Comic Con," a daily quoted Jatin Varma of Twenty Onwards Media, which is organising the event, as saying.

"There is a lot of raw talent in India that needs to be honed. Artists and writers often don’t get the access to publishers and distributors that they want. We hope we can provide a platform for this."

Readers can look forward to reading comics by Marvel, DC, Vimanika, Level 10 and Campfire as well as graphic novels from publishers like Penguin, Harper Collins and Random House.

There would be other activities like workshops with artists and writers, panel discussions and an awards night.