Innovation, Amul butter & Rhino on book-shelf

New Delhi: The book-cart this week has everything, from innovation to Amul butter and the Indian Rhino to beckon the reader. Browse on...

1. Book: "Innovate Happily"; Written by Rekha Shetty; Published by Penguin India; Priced at Rs.199

Studies show that happy people are more innovative and more productive. In this book, Junie, a bright young executive meets Rags, a wise hi-tech coach. They discover the secrets that create progressive and happy communities during a visit to Bhutan, a modern-day Shangri-La, a land that actually measures gross national happiness.

2. Book: "Churning The Earth: Making of Global India"; Written by Aseem Shrivastava and Ashish Kothari; Published by Penguin India; Priced at Rs.699

The world stands so dazzled by India`s meteoric economic rise that we hesitate to acknowledge its consequences to people and the environment. In "Churning the Earth", Aseem Shrivastava and Ashish Kothari engage in a timely enquiry of this impressive growth story. They present incontrovertible evidence on how the nature of this recent growth has been predatory and question its political and ecological sustainability. Unfettered development has damaged the ecological basis that makes life possible for hundreds of millions resulting in conflicts over water, land and natural resources and increasing the chasm between the rich and the poor, threatening the future of India as a civilization.

3. Book: "The Soul of the Rhino"; Written by Hemanta Mishra & Jim Ottaway Jr; Publsihed by Penguin Books India; Priced at Rs.299

Ugly yet enchanting, terrifying yet delicate, the Indian rhinoceros is a magnificent animal. It is also in danger of being killed off for good. The "Soul of the Rhino" is a spirited account of one man`s journey to protect the animal in the foothills of the Himalayas. Mishra was fresh out of university when he embarked on his conservation work in the 1970s. Over the years, he was helped by a steadfast elephant driver, the Nepali royal family, and like-minded scientists. Filled with candour and bittersweet humour, The Soul of the Rhino is the first book of its kind to delve into the labyrinths of South Asian wildlife conservation and one man`s endurance in the face of it all.

4. Book: "Hollywood Hypocrites"; Written by Jason Mattera; Published by Simon & Schuster; Priced at Rs.107

Are you sick of self-important celebrities preaching against "global warming", yet flying private planes to their countless homes? New York Times bestselling author of "Obama Zombies" and gonzo journalist Jason Mattera takes the first stand with "Hollywood Hypocrites", as he slays the Left`s sacred celebrity cows and teaches Obama`s Tinseltown foot soldiers their most important lesson yet: No longer can they attempt to deny Americans the very liberties they use to catapult themselves to prosperity and stardom. In his trademark eye-opening, no-holds-barred, and hilarious style, Mattera puts scores of A-list celebrities, including Sting, Madonna, Bono, Al Gore, Alec Baldwin, Matt Damon, Cameron Diaz, Bruce Springsteen, and many, many more under the microscope to analyze whether they live by the same environmental, health, anti-violence, civil rights, and other policy prescriptions they seek to inflict on Americans. What he uncovers is shocking.

5. Book: "Amul`s India"; Written by Santosh Desai; Published by Harper Collins India; Priced at Rs.299

The Amul campaign tells the stories of India, a hoarding at a time. The hoardings are markers of the "popular" history of India and have been followed by fans for decades. Timeless and ageless, this long-running campaign has captivated Indians of all ages. The key character in this saga is the little girl in polka dots, who helped Amul Butter win over an entire nation. This book celebrates her journey through the eyes of prominent writers, public figures and the subjects of the hoardings themselves. It contains a series of vignettes, creating a patchwork quilt of essays, snippets and selections of classic hoardings. It offers us an inside peek into the back story of the creation of the ads.



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