Jane Fonda pens sex guide for over-70 couples

London: Veteran actress Jane Fonda has penned a book for the couples of her generation on how to keep the warmth of passion ticking in a relationship even when the old age snatches the enthusiasm away.

The 73-year-old Hollywood sex symbol has devoted some 50 pages of her new autobiography ‘Prime Time’ to explaining how to have good sex over the age of 70.

She has also claimed that she could even tell simply by looking at people if they are having ‘good sex’.

“I wasn’t trying to be shocking, but I go into details, and it seems to have shocked people. I made a list of things to cover. I’m still sexually active. There are certain things that change as you age, and I wanted to talk about that,” the Daily Mail quoted her as telling Time magazine, explaining her decision to talk about sex for the over-70s, that is usually a taboo subject.

The two-time Oscar-winner, who is currently in a relationship with 69-year-old music producer Richard Perry, describes herself as a ‘late bloomer’ and insisted on talking openly about sex unlike others.

“I have never found a book that talks about everything from the psyche and spirit and wisdom to penile implants,” she said.

“So I decided that I’d write about as much of the research as I possibly could – everything I wanted to know as a woman who is 73 years old and still sexually active.

“I see people who aren’t traditionally beautiful, but if they’re having good sex, you can tell,” she added.



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