Jay-Z declines to release his tell-all autobiography

London: Jay-Z is refusing to release his autobiography “Dream Hampton” – because he believes it will reveal more than what his fans need to know about him.

Rapper insists he has covered almost all the information in the book on record but is now having second thoughts to publish it, as the tome will open everything about his personal life including his fatherless background.

"It`s too much. For the book, I was interviewed, people close to me were interviewed, so I was learning a lot of things I didn`t know as a child,” The Daily Star quoted the singer, as saying.

He added: "It`s not anything I haven`t said in the past, in songs. It`s just more detailed... You can say exactly how everything went."

He also admits that the book has given him a fresh view of his father, who left the family when the rapper-to-be was only 11.

"It was still wrong... that he left, but he did stick around at a time when it wasn`t cool or popular. He married my mom at a time when guys were just leaving, and you`d never even meet your dad,” he told Rolling Stone mag.

"So it (book) made me ease up a little bit in how I felt about him."



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