JK Rowling bears brunt of villagers for jibes in new novel

London: JK Rowling, who amassed a fortune from her ‘Harry Potter’ books, has been told to “steer clear” of the village she grew up in because her new book – ‘The Casual Vacancy’ - heaps shame on it, it has been revealed.

The racy novel portrays prostitution, drug abuse and political rows.

It is set in the fictional village of Pagford but is inspired by Tutshill in Gloucestershire where Rowling spent her teenage years, which she described as “not a particularly happy time in my life”.

The book, predicted to be one of the fastest-selling of all time, mocks the “snobbishness” of locals, infuriating those still living there.

“It’s derogatory in the extreme and completely unfounded,” a leading daily has quoted Tutshill councillor Brian Thornton as saying.

“I think the people of Tutshill are right to be most annoyed and distressed,” Thornton added.