JK Rowling’s `The Casual Vacancy` cover design gets mixed response

London: The release of the understated cover image for ‘Harry Potter’ author JK Rowling’s first adult novel has unleashed a flurry of speculative tweets.

Response to the bold red design for ‘The Casual Vacancy’, the tale of an idyllic town torn apart by the results of a parish council election, has not so far been entirely positive.

“Nice of them to let one of JK Rowling’s kids design her new cover on MS Paint,” the Guardian quoted @meandmybigmouth as tweeting.
However, @robobviously took a more positive view.

“I quite like this but the content hints towards Miss Read?” @robobviously tweeted.
Waterstones’ Jon Howells feels it’s all a bit of a tease.

“While it is great to see such a bold cover image, it’ll cause frustration among those desperate to find out more about the plot. There are no clues here! As ever, the JK Rowling guessing game continues...” Howells tweeted.