Kimberley Walsh traces her life story online

Los Angeles: British pop star Kimberley Walsh, who is working on a tell-all book detailing her life story, says she has to rely on the internet for a lot of information.

The 31-year-old, a former member of band Girls Aloud, announced in April that she is working on a detailed book just weeks after the band`s surprise split in March this year.

When she sat down to work on the memoir, Walsh realised she was struggling to recall precise details of her career and the shows she had performed with the group. So, she had to research her own history online, reports

"When Girls Aloud broke up in March, it was such a definite end of an era in my life that I thought it would be a lovely way to tie the whole thing up and finish that chapter... It was quite hard (to recall everything)," Walsh told British magazine Hello!.

"I`ve had to search the internet for places and dates, but Justin (Scott) is good at jogging my memory,” she added.