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Luc Carl pens diet book `The Drunk Diet`

New York: New York City`s Lower East Side is a long way from Springfield, Neb. -- but Nebraska native Luc Carl has made a name for himself both in his home state and the big city. How? He`s Lady Gaga`s long-haired boyfriend, for one. Now, Carl, 29, is in readying himself for worldwide fame with his upcoming memoir, ‘The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds ... Drunk.’

"The Drunk Diet" -- set for release by St. Martin`s Press in 2012 -- chronicles Carl`s "memoirs of a year in which he went from being an out of shape, bloated (jerk) to the sexiest, most delightful man on the planet," according to his website. "You will not find any "do this, don`t do that" in `The Drunk Diet.` This is simply one ordinary rock n roller`s story, filled with awe-inspiring, hilarious accounts of his day to day life."

It appears that Carl knows what he`s talking about -- photos on his website show a pretty in-shape Carl lifting weights in the middle of a bar.

Carl got his start in music as a clean-cut drummer for various Omaha bands, including Godspeed. He moved to New York City several years ago and found a home working at St. Jerome`s on Manhattan`s Lower East Side. During that time, he met -- and started dating -- singer Stefani Germanotta. The couple broke up before Germanotta became Lady Gaga, but they resumed a relationship in 2010.

Lady Gaga even spent Christmas 2010 with Carl`s family in Springfield -- population 1,579.

Carl returned home earlier this week in preparation for Lady Gaga`s show at Omaha`s Qwest Center on Thursday. His visit back home wasn`t all about fun, though -- he`s planning to run a marathon in Cincinnati in a few weeks, so he managed to get a couple 17-mile runs.

"My goal was 16 miles. I ran 17, in the middle of nowhere, all by myself," Carl wrote on his blog. "My mom was sitting on the front porch watching me as I ran past the house every 2.25 miles. I`d throw my empty water bottle on the lawn and she`d have it refilled for me on my next lap. Thanks mom. I couldn`t have done it without you."

No word if Carl managed to get in drinking while he was back in Nebraska, but it`s safe to assume he probably did. After all, it`s what helped him drop the weight.

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